Two Terrace House

  • Year:
  • Type:
    Single Residential
  • Status:
  • Location:
    Woollahra, NSW, Australia

The alterations and additions of two existing Federation Queen Anne houses bring simplification of space and an element of surprise to the inner Sydney suburb of Woollahra. The works saw an upgrade to the existing cottages and rationalising the previously renovated living spaces. The brief was clear, a modern dwelling to house the family of 5 and their eclectic art collection. A suspended walkway brings visitors through the void between the two houses and establishes a connection between the street, living space and the park. A cranked skylight brings natural light deep into the floor plan and alludes to this space that once existed between the cottages. A circular stairway consolidates level changes into a central spine, creating a purposeful flow from street to park and from one house to another. A celebration of scale, the two houses are successfully re-purposed as one.

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