SRH Architecture excels in multi-residential architecture, adeptly designing sophisticated and sustainable living spaces that cater to diverse community needs. Our projects, ranging from modern apartment complexes to luxurious condominiums, emphasize efficient use of space, community engagement, and environmental stewardship. By integrating innovative design principles with cutting-edge technology, we create multi-residential buildings that offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal. They focus on optimizing natural light, ventilation, and communal areas to foster a sense of community and well-being among residents. Their commitment to quality, sustainability, and client satisfaction ensures that each multi-residential project not only meets but exceeds the expectations of both developers and inhabitants.

Ayr Apartments:

Ayr is a mixed-use development of ground-floor retail and two floors of residential over, positioned in a vibrant part of Bondi Beach.

Ayr Apartments

Boundary Street Apartments:

Boundary Street Apartments are located on the boundary of Paddington and Darlinghurst. Straddling these two iconic inner eastern suburbs, the driving principle was to create a mixed-use building that reflected Darlinghurst's distinctive interwar style but responded to Paddington's village feel.

Boundary Street Apartments

Dusk Apartments:

The apartments at ‘Dusk’ in Rose Bay are designed to respond to the context of the area, with living areas directed towards a generous outdoor space to the rear and towards the street at the front, which provides a strong relationship with Old South Head Road.

Dusk Apartments

Lachlan Avenue:

This new 131-dwelling development responds to the density envisioned for the Macquarie Park Corridor.

Lachlan Avenue