Tennyson Road Apartments

  • Year:
  • Type:
    Multi Residential
  • Status:
    In Progress
  • Location:
    Mortlake, NSW, Australia

The proposed building envelope was generated in response to an extensive analysis of both existing and recently approved apartment buildings, which vary from 4-5 storeys. As there is a considerable amount of variation in height and density of buildings surrounding the site, it was important for our proposal to first: define a 4-storey podium level to match the height and setback of our existing neighbours to the south and secondly to step up to a 6-storey building in order to appropriately define the corner of Tennyson Rd and Whittaker St and meet the height of the neighbouring development currently under construction to the west. The built form is further defined through the façade treatment and materials. The lower 4-storey podium is clad in timber, softening the street edge and connecting it to the existing built fabric. The higher 5 and 6-storey volumes are more prominent, defined by metal-clad bands and help to address the corner. The façade has been designed in such a way as to allow as many units as possible to be orientated north towards the views of Parramatta River. The Façade undulates in and out to direct residents to the lobby entrances and allow for deeper sun penetration.    

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